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Blogas » Open letter to refugees from the Middle East

Open letter to refugees from the Middle East

Paskelbta 2015 spalio mėn. 2 d. | 2 koment.

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This letter was published in Lithuanian in the daily By the request of many readers, I am presenting the letter in English.


Without a doubt – we will help. It’s in the nature of every educated human being. Although we can’t avoid seeing videos of refugee behaviour. I’ve seen a young boy, who considered himself to be a Muslim, beating up a young non-Muslim girl, kicking her in the head when she fell and calling her a whore.

You see, the girl wasn‘t wearing a hijab. I saw a mother near the Austrian border who pushed her 5 year old daughter towards the policemen while holding a smartphone in her hands. Her words shocked me: “Take my child to Germany”.

It seemed as if a horrible war was going on in Hungary. I saw few parents who were using their children as a shield, to protect themselves from the water cannons at the Hungarian border. Then, unwillingly you start to ask yourself: are refugees real or are they just cynical impostors?

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